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Your home is probably the most expensive asset that you own hence the need to safeguard it against unforeseen risks. Taylor, Lord & Hughes, Inc. provides a comprehensive home insurance policy which provides financial protection against losses arising from disasters, theft, and accidents for all homeowners in Michigan.

Our policy comes as a whole package which means that it includes not only damage to your home but also the liability. Our standard home insurance policy for Michigan homeowners covers the following:

The Structure of the Home

We shall repair or rebuild your home whenever it’s damaged or destroyed by a tornado, fire, hail, lighting, or any other disaster that will be listed on the home insurance policy. Furthermore, we also cover all structures that may not be directly attached to your home such as gazebo, garage, or tool shed.

Personal Belongings

Our home insurance policy also protects all your personal belongings in the home against theft. This may include but is not limited to your clothes, furniture, sports equipment, etc. Our policy covers off-premise property meaning that your property will always be protected anywhere in the world. We even protect your valuables such as silverware, jewelry, and furs but you may need to make your insurance agent aware of higher priced valuables. Our standard homeowners’ insurance policy also covers trees, scrubs, and other plants in your compound.

Liability Protection

With Taylor, Lord & Hughes, Inc.'s home insurance policy, it can protect you against property damage or bodily injury that you, or the other people who stay in the home, may cause to other people who visit your premises. This will include damages that may be caused by your pets.

Our liability portion of the insurance policy covers up to the cost of defending you in a court and will also settle any court awards resulting out of the litigation process.

Are you mindful of your home and want to protect it against unforeseen circumstances? Talk to us today about a comprehensive homeowners' insurance policy. Our agents can work with you to find a home insurance policy that fits your needs. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.